Tips & Tricks

Have Extra Ice Cube Trays?

I have to be honest, I didn’t use the ice cube trays for a long time, specially since most of the refrigerators come with the ice feature. However, I still have those extra ice cube trays in my kitchen that I have started using for other items.

Use it to freeze chicken stock:

I like to add chicken stock to mac and cheese and some other things I make for my daughter, but I don’t like buying pre-made chicken stock from the store and making it very often is just a hassle. Therefore, everytime I defrost the chicken to make some chicken stock, I make extra and pour the left over stock in one of the ice trays to freeze it. Once they are frozen, I store them in a ziplock bag. This way, anytime I am making something for my daughter and want to add some chicken stock, all I have to do is take one of the cubes out of the freezer, and voila.

Do you use Ginger/Garlic Paste?

I often come across recipes that need ginger/garlic paste. Yes, you can get it from any store, but sometimes I like to make it at home. If you have ever made it at home, you know it takes some time to make it at home. That is why, whenever I make it at home, I make a lot of it and freeze them in the ice cube trays.

How do you use your ice cube trays? Tell us in the comments! 🙂